Big Tips For Your Tiny House

Small Storage Room

In a tiny house, you’ll find a living area, kitchen and bathroom, all packed into a few square metres. Tiny houses can generate electricity, capture water, and be moved from place to place. As the world becomes more complex and financial constraints take over more and more areas of life, people are increasingly drawn to tiny houses. A tiny house offers you the chance to live with no mortgage, no utility bills, a vanishingly small carbon footprint, and a simpler life more connected to nature. At Absolute Tiny Houses, we offer beautiful, spacious, affordable tiny houses for anyone who dreams of an independent and free life. Interested? Here are some points to think of before investing in your tiny home:

Start Downsizing

You should start whittling down your possessions if you’re transitioning to living in a tiny house full-time. Downsizing isn’t an overnight process. It’s a process that’s tough, time-consuming, and takes more than you think it will.

Experience Tiny First Hand

Consider renting a tiny house as part of your research; there is no better way to get a sense of what might work and what might not than by actually being inside one. You can start to picture whether or not tiny living is really for you and also get some ideas for your own tiny house.

What Is Essential To You?

Decide ahead of time exactly what you need in terms of appliances and such. This is essential for mapping out your electrical plan and placing outlets. Tiny houses just don’t have the space for unsightly extension cords whenever you want to use your toaster.

Visualise It 

If you’re having trouble picturing what would actually fit into your tiny house, never fear. Lay down some masking tape in the same dimensions as your planned house. It would then be a good idea to tape out your interior walls, furniture, built-ins, and anything else you’d like to get a feel for.

Have you thought about tiny houses? We can adjust each design offered by Absolute Tiny Houses to suit your needs. We can add or remove windows, sliders or doors and rearrange your sofa, kitchen or bed to suit your needs. Feel free to reach out if you have an idea for a different house layout. We will create a custom floor plan for you for free – just keep in mind that we specialise in single-level tiny houses. Get in touch with us today and start your journey towards tiny living!

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