How to Find Land for your Off Grid Tiny Home

The wrong land will seriously impede or could even destroy your ability to live sustainably, grow your own food, and build a resilient self-sufficient lifestyle. Buying land that is affordable and meets your needs is absolutely crucial. Finding the perfect property is the most difficult and most important part of this process. There are lots […]

Essentials For Off-Grid Living

Off-grid solar living in NZ offers financial freedom and simplicity for those who wish to join the movement. It is also a lot better for the environment than the current modern way of life. But just what is needed for comfortable off-grid living? Here are six essentials: Shelter Most people that live off-grid opt to […]

Big Tips For Your Tiny House

Small Storage Room

In a tiny house, you’ll find a living area, kitchen and bathroom, all packed into a few square metres. Tiny houses can generate electricity, capture water, and be moved from place to place. As the world becomes more complex and financial constraints take over more and more areas of life, people are increasingly drawn to […]