Granny Flats: Smart Solutions, Stylish Living and Sweet Independence

Young Couple Talking In Doorway of their Tiny House

A granny flat is a special kind of self-contained tiny house that can be attached to a main house or be built as a separate outbuilding in the garden. It normally accommodates 1-2 people. Traditionally lived in by parents, adult children, or grandparents—hence the name—a granny flat may also be rented out as a holiday let, short-term let, or used as a WFH space, depending on your needs.

Granny flats have become increasingly popular over the years as people begin to realize how versatile, affordable, and sustainable this form of housing can be.

Here are just some reasons to consider building a granny flat.

It Can be Cheap to Build

Depending on the design, there may be no need to comply with the developmental application process, which obviously speeds things up and makes everything cheaper. Also, this tiny house can be built quickly, often within 3 – 4 months, meaning you don’t have to worry about many months of disruption and costs.

Adds Value to your Property

Having a granny flat can increase the value of your property considerably, making it a really worthwhile investment that can deliver value for money.

Can Bring You In a Steady Income

A granny flat can be rented out, either as a holiday let or as short-term accommodation. This means it can generate a steady flow of income that will likely help you recoup your initial outlay quite quickly.

You can Design it to Meet Your Needs

Granny flats are multi-functional. As such, how you design yours will depend on your needs.

If you plan to use the granny flat for relatives to live in, then clearly it needs to have the right amount of rooms for them and should also be designed in a way that will make them feel at home. If they are elderly, then do consider the future – will they always be able to manage a step to get in the doorway, for example?

Planning to use the space as a holiday let or short-term let? Traditionally, granny flats were designed with quite a rustic feel to them. However, modern and contemporary granny flats are now far more popular—their minimalist style and emphasis on functionality winning over the hearts of many. Certainly, if you plan to rent out your granny flat for any reason, a modern design will make your tiny house a lot more marketable. Likewise, the more rooms a granny flat has, the more money you can ask when you lease it out.

If you want to build a granny flat as an additional tiny house, then please get in touch. Our email address [email protected].  We can offer advice on granny flats and can help you to get the one that meets your vision.

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