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Modular Homes for sale in NZ

If you’ve been hunting around for affordable modular homes NZ, there’s no need to look further than Absolute Tiny Houses NZ. We are experts at what we do with many years of experience and we can set you up with a beautiful modular home with all the creature comforts you’ve come to expect. Our prices start as low as $77,990 and we can have you ready to take delivery of your new home 8-12 weeks after quote acceptance. Get in touch with us today to see just how many options there are to create your dream modular home NZ.

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is a dwelling built offsite, usually in sections, then transported and installed onsite. They are called “modular” due to being formed out of repeated sections called “modules”. Modular homes don’t have to be in multiple sections – the term “modular” is more a reference to the building method. Modular houses can vary a lot in size and design. They don’t have to look like boxes, and there are some quite imaginative modular homes around!

Modular homes in NZ have become more popular as people search for affordable ways to put a roof over their head. Generally speaking, modular houses NZ are a lot cheaper than traditional houses (less than 10% of the average NZ house price), so if you’re looking for affordable modular homes NZ, you’re going to find a lot of options.

They are also a lot easier to build, both for the builder and for you. Modular home builders have dedicated factory facilities where all construction takes place in a controlled environment using consistent materials. The facilities are also far more secure than an open-air build – no-one can get in and steal your fittings. And for you, there’s no messy and drawn-out construction work happening at your property. Your new modular house arrives onsite fully formed and is ready to live in almost immediately.

Portable Modular Homes

Modular houses have to be portable to get from the factory to your property. They are usually hoisted up onto a flatbed using a crane or similar equipment. But advances in portable housing mean they can be built on a trailer, allowing a vehicle with enough towing capacity to transport it. Depending on the size of the finished house, you can drive your new home away straight from the factory!

Furthermore, modular houses in NZ can be legally classed as vehicles if they remain permanently portable by way of a trailer. So if you don’t permanently affix it to the ground, they are the same as a caravan in the eyes of the law and don’t fall under the New Zealand building code. This results in a lot less hassle with extra requirements, conditions, and red tape when establishing your residence. Affordable modular homes NZ just continue saving you long into your residence!

Benefits of owning a Modular Home

We mentioned above that modular houses NZ are drastically cheaper than traditional homes, making them a potential way to burst the housing bubble for you or your family. But the benefits don’t end there!

We’ve also mentioned that modular houses NZ are built in factories or similar facilities. This makes it possible for modular home builders to achieve efficiencies of scale and production and makes quality control of the materials much easier. There won’t be nasty surprises halfway through the build, and modular homes in NZ are built specifically for NZ weather and environmental conditions.

Following on from this, modular home builds are a lot quicker. You could be ready to take delivery of – or drive away with – your new modular home in a few months or less. Compare this to the painstakingly long process of building a traditional brick-and-mortar home and you can see why affordable modular homes NZ are on the rise in popularity.

After installation, the benefits continue with greatly reduced running costs. Modular homes in NZ tend to use a lot less power and water due to the smaller size of the dwelling, and that’s just with standard power and water connection. These days you can choose solar off-grid, rainwater collection, grey water filtration, and composting toilet setups to reduce your environmental impact even further. Modular houses NZ are a great choice for the eco-conscious to get carbon-neutral and beyond.

Another huge benefit of modular homes is the ability to expand on them after they have been installed. It does require more units, but you can double or triple your living space if the need arises, again for a lot less money than building an extension.

Open Plan Cabin

Everything below is Included in above Price
Luxury Tiny House 6m x 2.4m

Lounge / Bedroom:

  • Vinyl Floor
  • Double Power point
  • Opening Window
  • Downlights

Exterior & Structure:

  • Vertical Groove Plywood or Board and Batten
  • 2.4m high Stud at highest point sloping down to 2.2m
  • ​Timber Subfloor
  • Walls and Roof are fully Insulated
  • ​Single Glazed Windows

Options Included in the Price:

  • Your Choice of Colour or Options for:
  • Exterior Cladding Colour

Electrical & Plumbing Specs:

  • Certified Electrical with EWOF
  • 16amp RCD Protected Switchboard
  • Caravan Plug and Power Lead for quick connection​
  • Interior Downlights
  • Double Power Outlets

Technical Specs:

  • H3.2 Treated Timber Subfloor
  • 90mm H1.2 Timber or 89mm Steel Framing depending on build
  • Thermal Break for Steel Framing
  • Building Wrap
  • Long Run Iron Roof
  • Flashings
  • Plywood Interior Lining
  • Guttering and Downpipe

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