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Transportable Homes for sale NZ

If you’re in the market at looking at transportable homes prices NZ, you’ve come to the right place. We have the widest range of transportable home options at a price point for every part of the budget spectrum.

Our transportable home prices start as low as $77,990, which gets you a clean, comfortable transportable home ready for NZ conditions that you simply plug into power and water. For an extra fee we can build your transportable home NZ on a warranted and registered tandem axle trailer, so you don’t need a crane or a hoist – just a vehicle with enough pulling power. All our floorplans are fully customisable and you can select from options for kitchen benches, tapware, and exterior colour.

Our transportable homes prices are the best value for money in NZ. Get started on our website and get in touch for an obligation-free quote today.

What is a transportable home?

A transportable home is simply a transportable building fitted out for domestic living rather than more utilitarian purposes. Transportable buildings are commonplace on construction sites and other industries and they may even include kitchen and toilet facilities. But they lack the creature comforts you would normally associate with a home. Transportable homes will likely have modern kitchen and bathroom facilities, dedicated living space, and tastefully appointed décor.

Also, as is evident in the name, transportable homes are not built on a concrete foundation and don’t have permanent plumbing and electrical. They are self-contained modules designed to be moved around, either by hoisting them onto a flatbed truck with a crane or with the built-in trailer if one exists. Because they are transportable, they can easily be put in one place and moved around to another as the need arises.

Transportable home builders NZ

As mentioned above, one of the many benefits of transportable homes NZ is they can be custom-built instead of having to buy second-hand. Getting your transportable home custom-built gives you ultimate control over the floorplan, materials, and power/water setup. You can choose from a wide range of furnishings, add second bedrooms or loft arrangements, even select the colour of the LED downlights.

Many people are also taking a serious look at transportable homes for their environmental benefits. At Absolute Tiny Houses NZ, we can build your very own eco-friendly, off-grid home with solar power, rainwater collection, composting toilet, and grey water filtration system. A smaller carbon footprint goes hand-in-hand with decreased utility bills, less stress, and a life more connected to the environment – something we value in New Zealand.

We are experts at building transportable homes NZ and we have years of experience creating beautiful homes on a smaller scale to suit almost every need.

Transportable Homes NZ

Transportable homes have been around NZ for a while now, but they are increasing in popularity. Where before you had to buy an old prefab and refurbish it, transportable homes NZ now can be custom-built to numerous different designs, have all the necessary amenities in high-quality finishes and furnishings, and even be fully green and off grid. Additionally, the quality of construction materials has risen sharply over the years, along with avoiding the worry about residual hazardous materials if you buy second had from construction or other industries.

In particular, more young people are now seriously considering transportable homes NZ to beat the housing bubble. Transportable homes prices NZ is considerably cheaper than the standard housing price in New Zealand (less than 10% at the lower end) and spending more gets you so many additional benefits that would cost exponentially more in a traditional home.

Transportable homes are also great for add-ons to your existing home instead of spending big bucks on house extensions or second buildings on your premises. Related to this – if your transportable home is built onto a trailer, it’s considered the same as a caravan in the eyes of the law and doesn’t fall under the New Zealand building code.

Open Plan Cabin

Everything below is Included in above Price
Luxury Tiny House 6m x 2.4m

Lounge / Bedroom:

  • Vinyl Floor
  • Double Power point
  • Opening Window
  • Downlights

Exterior & Structure:

  • Vertical Groove Plywood or Board and Batten
  • 2.4m high Stud at highest point sloping down to 2.2m
  • ​Timber Subfloor
  • Walls and Roof are fully Insulated
  • ​Single Glazed Windows

Options Included in the Price:

  • Your Choice of Colour or Options for:
  • Exterior Cladding Colour

Electrical & Plumbing Specs:

  • Certified Electrical with EWOF
  • 16amp RCD Protected Switchboard
  • Caravan Plug and Power Lead for quick connection​
  • Interior Downlights
  • Double Power Outlets

Technical Specs:

  • H3.2 Treated Timber Subfloor
  • 90mm H1.2 Timber or 89mm Steel Framing depending on build
  • Thermal Break for Steel Framing
  • Building Wrap
  • Long Run Iron Roof
  • Flashings
  • Plywood Interior Lining
  • Guttering and Downpipe

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