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Standard $109,990
Custom $189,990


Standard $109,990
Custom $189,990


Standard $109,990
Custom $189,990

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What Is A Tiny House?

A tiny house is just what you would imagine – a small home with a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft, all contained within a handful of square metres. But it’s so much more on top – tiny houses can generate their own electricity, capture their own water, and can be moved from place to place. A tiny house is the ultimate “off-grid” lifestyle solution.

As the world becomes increasingly complex and financial pressures take over every part of life, more and more people are flocking to the Tiny House Movement. Just imagine – no mortgage, no utility bills, a vanishingly small carbon footprint, and a simpler life more connected to nature. This is what a tiny house offers to you.

Tiny House Builders NZ

It’s true that you can ship tiny houses from overseas – just one of the benefits of their small size! But a tiny house in NZ will face unique environmental and climate challenges not found elsewhere. Why risk it? Get your new tiny home built right here by expert tiny house builders and rest assured it will suit your needs for years to come.

Moreover, who better to understand your lifestyle needs than your fellow Kiwis? North or South, beachside or hilltop, fully mobile or settling down for good – Absolute Tiny Houses NZ build tiny homes NZ specifically for NZ conditions and for NZ people.

This is what we mean by the Tiny House NZ movement – we are bringing the tiny house revolution to our land and optimising it for our needs.

Tiny Homes NZ

While the Tiny House Movement is big in the U.S. and other countries, is it the right thing for us here in NZ? Can we live in portable small homes in compliance with local guidelines? And what about the unique building requirements in New Zealand? Is this movement a viable alternative for us?

This is where Absolute Tiny Houses NZ has the answers. We are New Zealand born and bred and we’ve been in the building game for years. We have adopted the tiny house way of life and adapted our building techniques to suit uniquely NZ conditions.

In fact, you could say we are committed to starting the “Tiny House NZ” movement and helping more New Zealanders set themselves free with the Tiny House NZ lifestyle!

Tiny House in NZ

Renting to own is a popular option for people choosing the tiny homes lifestyle in NZ.

 In other words, the money you repay every month helps to pay back the original loan you received. At the end of the term, you own the property.

The big difference with a tiny house in NZ is that the amount of the initial loan will be much less. So, while a mortgage on a traditional house could take 25 or 30 years to pay off, you might be able to pay off your tiny house in as little as five years with a low monthly payment.

You have two main options if you want to go down the rent to own route:

Re-mortgaging – re-mortgaging typically uses the equity in a property to provide you with the funds you need to buy your tiny house. Our customers sometimes re-mortgage properties they own, or they come to an agreement with friends or family.

Loan – if you don’t have access to a re-mortgage facility, you can apply for a loan through our Tiny House Finance provider. The interest is likely to be higher than the interest charged on a mortgage, but you can pay off the loan faster, getting into a 100 percent equity situation in years rather than decades.

Tiny Houses For Sale

Absolute Tiny Houses NZ offers something unique – tiny houses built in New Zealand for New Zealanders. You can start with a shell and fit it out yourself or choose from our wide range of optional extras for a truly turn-key solution.

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of tiny homes for sale in NZ. All the way from a cosy 4.1m open plan cabin up to a 10.8m 2 bedroom luxury tiny home, there is something for everyone at all stages of life.

We can custom design your floor plan and build your tiny house to your specifications with no hidden costs. We can also assist with numerous fit-out options such as cooktops, hot water systems, grey water filtration, solar off-grid setups, rainwater collection systems, and fully warranted and registered tandem or triple axel trailers. We even have finance options and can put you in touch with the right financial advice to make the switch to the Tiny House NZ way of life.

If you need more guidance we have a portfolio of different builds that you can base your tiny house design on and can offer expert advice on various aspects of the tiny home life.

Trust the people that live and breathe tiny houses – Absolute Tiny Houses NZ – and get on board with the Tiny House NZ movement today!

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