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What is a Granny Flat?

A Granny Flat is a self-contained living area or unit, usually located on the same property as a larger house. They are called “Granny Flats” because they are a popular way for adults to take care of their ageing parents. Whether attached to the main home or a standalone structure, Granny Flats allow elderly parents a comfortable level of independence and privacy while ensuring they are not far away from family or assistance. They also give both parties the opportunity to “get out of each other’s hair” when the need arises.

Here in NZ, people choose to build Granny Flats NZ for many different reasons though. Some are used for older teenage kids as a stepping-stone to full independence, others are used as backyard entertaining hubs, still others are rented out to the public as a secondary income stream. Even when not being used, having a Granny Flat can be a good selling point and increase the value of your home to potential sellers.

Portable Granny Flats – the modern Granny Flat

In previous years, building Granny Flats NZ either involved an extension to the main home or building a separate structure in the backyard with full plumbing and electrical. This is still an option, albeit an expensive one.

However, with advances in mobile living in recent years, modern Granny Flats NZ can be a fully portable standalone unit, pre-built in a factory with no foundation, electrical or plumbing work required. These portable units can have full kitchen and bathroom facilities and can run off the power and water supply of the main house.

Going one step further, Granny Flats NZ can have solar power, composting toilets, rainwater collection, and can even be built on a trailer, making them 100% transportable and eco-friendly. As an added benefit, if your Granny Flat is built on a trailer, it is legally considered the same as a caravan and doesn’t fall under the New Zealand Building Code. This way, you avoid some of the extra rules, regulations, and red tape in having a second dwelling on your property. (Having said this, we always recommend you get in touch with your local council to clear it all up first, as councils can vary wildly in how they apply the regulations.)

Granny Flats to fit your needs and budget

Our smallest option for Granny Flats NZ starts at just $77,990 and includes kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom spaces. All our Granny Flats NZ are finished with top-quality materials inside and out, including granite composite design kitchen benches, LED downlights, modern standard toilets, timber subfloors, and fully insulated.

Our self-contained Granny Flats NZ are designed to be fully transportable, and you have the option of building on a warranted and registered tandem axle trailer for the ultimate in portability. What’s more, you can choose a solar off-grid setup, rainwater tank, grey water filtration system, and composting toilet for the ultimate eco-friendly alternative.

Granny Flats NZ – built in NZ for NZ people and NZ conditions. We are experts in our field and can help you choose the best option for your needs and budget. Get in touch with us today for an obligation-free quote.

Granny Flat Designs NZ

Along with improvements in construction techniques, Granny Flats NZ are a big step up in terms of available designs. Absolute Tiny Houses NZ has a comprehensive range of Granny Flat designs NZ that are fully customisable to suit any need or situation. Whether it’s for an ageing family member, brooding teenager, or raucous house guests, we can set you up with a bespoke Granny Flat design NZ that will keep even the most demanding occupant happy.

The options and design choices are plenty. You can choose a simple and compact one-bedroom setup, or you can step it up with extra living space, loft designs, and even the option to have multiple bedrooms available.

At Absolute Tiny Houses NZ, we do have pre-configured options to choose from, but all designs are fully customisable. In the case of Granny Flats, this is especially useful for elderly people who may have mobility issues that prevent them climbing ladders or navigating too many obstacles. You can optimise the space based on the needs of the occupant.

Another feature of modern Granny Flats is the sheer number of interior design options. Internal and external colour schemes, tapware, benchtop types, and even lighting colour are all up for grabs. And again, thanks to advancements in portable building technology, your new Granny Flat doesn’t need full plumbing and electrical work. Our Granny Flats NZ are set up with a caravan plug and power lead, quick hose connection for water, and under-unit waste water plumbing ready to plug in on your site.

Open Plan Cabin

Everything below is Included in above Price
Luxury Tiny House 6m x 2.4m

Lounge / Bedroom:

  • Vinyl Floor
  • Double Power point
  • Opening Window
  • Downlights

Exterior & Structure:

  • Vertical Groove Plywood or Board and Batten
  • 2.4m high Stud at highest point sloping down to 2.2m
  • ​Timber Subfloor
  • Walls and Roof are fully Insulated
  • ​Single Glazed Windows

Options Included in the Price:

  • Your Choice of Colour or Options for:
  • Exterior Cladding Colour

Electrical & Plumbing Specs:

  • Certified Electrical with EWOF
  • 16amp RCD Protected Switchboard
  • Caravan Plug and Power Lead for quick connection​
  • Interior Downlights
  • Double Power Outlets

Technical Specs:

  • H3.2 Treated Timber Subfloor
  • 90mm H1.2 Timber or 89mm Steel Framing depending on build
  • Thermal Break for Steel Framing
  • Building Wrap
  • Long Run Iron Roof
  • Flashings
  • Plywood Interior Lining
  • Guttering and Downpipe

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