2 Bedroom Transportable Home NZ

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2 Bedroom Transportable Homes NZ – with stylish interiors, modern appointments, and eco-friendly design features, today’s transportable homes are a far cry from shabby construction site offices!

Our 2 bedroom transportable homes NZ are ideal for adding value to an existing property or for making a new home entirely. Fully self-contained, they come with all the amenities for living including modern kitchen, full-spec bathroom and toilet, carpeted floors, LED downlights, and a surprising amount of living space.

Modern transportable homes are great for singles, couples, or young families looking to burst the housing bubble. They are also perfect for retirees looking to downsize and slash their utility costs without compromising on the comforts of modern living. A smaller carbon footprint, less financial stress, and a simpler life are within reach for anyone.

Luxury Tiny House 6m x 2.4m
Luxury Tiny House 6m x 2.4m

Always wanted a holiday house but couldn’t afford to buy one house let alone two? How about a backyard office or creative studio? Maybe somewhere to accommodate travelling family and friends so they don’t “get in your hair”? Or maybe even just a retreat for when you need some space to yourself? A 2 bedroom transportable home is cheaper, easier, and more environmentally friendly that building a second house or structure on your property.

Let’s not gloss over the “transportable” aspect. It’s an important feature of the 2 bedroom transportable home NZ that confers a number of benefits. First, no messy construction work on your property as it’s built in our factory. Second, building onto a warranted and registered tandem axle trailer means if you have the pulling power, you can take it anywhere it needs to go. Last but not least, as long as it remains movable it’s legally a vehicle and not subject to the New Zealand building code.

We can build your 2 bedroom transportable home NZ to order with fully customisable floor plans and a wide array of interior and exterior selections and additional options. In general you can take delivery sometime between 4-12 weeks from paying your deposit, take it where it needs to go, plug it into power and water with the built-in adapters, and start filling it with furniture, bedding, and provisions.

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