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Prefab Homes for sale in NZ

If you’re looking for prefab homes for sale NZ, you’ve come to the right website! Absolute Tiny Houses NZ are expert prefabricated home builders. With state-of-the-art construction materials and years of experience, we build beautiful, luxury prefab homes right here in NZ, optimised for NZ conditions and perfectly suited to the NZ way of life.

Modern kitchens, ample bathroom space, LED downlights, and endlessly customisable floorplans –we are the smart choice when buying prefabricated homes. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can get started.

What is a Prefab Home?

Prefab Homes, also known as “prefabricated homes” or just “prefabs”, are homes constructed offsite then transported and installed onsite. This is the biggest difference between prefabricated homes and traditional homes – the construction occurs entirely offsite.

The term “prefab” can be used to describe bigger structures that are built in separate components then put together onsite, such as tilt-up concrete buildings and the like. But when talking about prefabricated homes, you are usually always dealing with entire home units built in a factory then transported whole to their destination.

If you’ve been looking for prefab homes for sale NZ, you will have noticed that people choose prefabricated homes for many reasons. They are generally a lot cheaper than traditional homes, involve less hassle than a construction project, are easier to upkeep and maintain, and more often than not have a greatly reduced carbon footprint across their life cycle. They are very popular as holiday homes for these reasons, although more and more people are choosing them as their primary residences.

Portable Prefab Homes

As we’ve already touched on, a distinction of prefab homes is their portability. By their nature, they are built to be transported from construction site to destination. They don’t require a concrete foundation or framework and don’t require permanent plumbing or electrical work. Larger prefab homes are hoisted onto a flatbed by a crane. But it’s entirely possible to build the home onto a trailer, meaning if you have a vehicle with enough pulling power, you can transport your prefab home anywhere you need to go.

Additionally, building your prefab onto a trailer means it remains permanently portable. In this configuration, a prefab home is legally considered the same as a caravan (providing it still fits within size restrictions for road travel) and is therefore not bound by the New Zealand building code. Therefore, if you own your land and park your prefabricated home there, you save a lot of hassle with the extra requirements and red tape that come with a traditional dwelling.

Benefits of owning a Prefabricated Home

Here in New Zealand, there can be many advantages to choosing a prefab home over a traditional build. The biggest factor is price – prefab homes NZ can cost a mere fraction of the average New Zealand house price. This price factor makes prefab homes NZ appealing as a way of breaking out of the housing bubble and the endless rent cycle many are suffering. If you search for prefab homes for sale NZ, you will be surprised by just how affordable they can be.

Another big factor is the speed of construction. While traditional house builds can stretch out to nightmarish lengths of time, prefab homes NZ can usually be all done, dusted and ready to go within a few months or less.

Related to this is the mess factor. Rather than have messy construction work going on at your block for what seems like forever, prefabricated homes are constructed at a factory or similar construction facility then transported to your property.

But what about after it’s installed? While it’s true that you won’t find any prefab mansions around, the reduced size of a prefabricated home means cheaper utility bills, a smaller carbon footprint, less maintenance costs, and less financial stress. Many people find that simplifying their lives with a smaller prefabricated home was the antidote to many of their life stresses and have never looked back.

Following on from this, the environmental benefits of prefab homes NZ are clear. Simply using less water and electricity is just the start. You can install optional extras such as a solar off-grid setup, grey water filtration system, a rainwater collection tank, and a waterless composting toilet to reduce your carbon footprint dramatically.

Open Plan Cabin

Everything below is Included in above Price
Luxury Tiny House 6m x 2.4m

Lounge / Bedroom:

  • Vinyl Floor
  • Double Power point
  • Opening Window
  • Downlights

Exterior & Structure:

  • Vertical Groove Plywood or Board and Batten
  • 2.4m high Stud at highest point sloping down to 2.2m
  • ​Timber Subfloor
  • Walls and Roof are fully Insulated
  • ​Single Glazed Windows

Options Included in the Price:

  • Your Choice of Colour or Options for:
  • Exterior Cladding Colour

Electrical & Plumbing Specs:

  • Certified Electrical with EWOF
  • 16amp RCD Protected Switchboard
  • Caravan Plug and Power Lead for quick connection​
  • Interior Downlights
  • Double Power Outlets

Technical Specs:

  • H3.2 Treated Timber Subfloor
  • 90mm H1.2 Timber or 89mm Steel Framing depending on build
  • Thermal Break for Steel Framing
  • Building Wrap
  • Long Run Iron Roof
  • Flashings
  • Plywood Interior Lining
  • Guttering and Downpipe

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