About Us

Absolute Tiny Houses is led by our founder Michael Hale. Coming from the boat building industry, Mike was already familiar with beautiful design and functionality in small spaces. His passion for unique design and building was brought from sea to land in 2016 when he started building luxury cabins. 

After having people view one of his luxury cabin they requested Mike to build a “Tiny House”, and he discovered the Tiny House Movement. Before he knew what the Movement was about he had bought a piece of land to live a more intentional life; being connected with nature and focussing on a healthy work-life-balance so the values of the Tiny House Movement – namely striving for (financial) freedom, living with less and simplifying life resonated with Mike. Already loving the idea of movable homes and with the demand of a growing industry he decided to specialise in single level Tiny Houses on Wheels.

Absolute Tiny

Our companies identity is based on the values of the Tiny House Movement. At Absolute Tiny Houses we focus on quality over quantity. We are a small business and we don’t believe in mass producing homes. We prefer to build fewer Tiny Houses a year to put all our attention to detail, our energy and our love for building into your house. We are in this ideal situation that we can listen to your inspirations and ideas to create your unique dream home because we choose carefully how many projects we work on. We are an enthusiastic team that loves creating high quality houses and take great pride in all our work.