Tiny Dreams, Big Moves: How Tiny Houses Are Transforming the Journey for First-Time Home Buyers

Trailer Cabin Travel Tiny House with Wheels

Are you a first-time home buyer? Perhaps you’ve been endlessly searching for the perfect first home, but are struggling to find the right property that suits your budget, style, and preferences – if this is the case, then we’ve got a question for you: have you considered purchasing a tiny house in NZ?

In fact, many first-time home buyers are taking tiny houses into consideration as their first home, and you should definitely think about it too! Why? Here’s a few reasons:

Living Smaller = Smaller Deposits

Since a tiny house isn’t the same size as a standard house, you can expect prices to also be significantly lower. For those who have saved up a hefty amount of money for their first home, it might even be possible to fully pay off a tiny house in one sum!

Nonetheless, a deposit for a tiny house will likely be less than a deposit for a traditional house, so this is something to take into account.

Just Enough Space

If you are one individual looking to purchase a house for themselves, it is likely that you probably won’t use all of the space that comes with a standard house. Even small families struggle to use all of the space in their home.

As a result, a tiny house might be the better solution for you as it offers just the right amount of space for yourself, plus a friend, partner, pet, and/or a child.

Less Maintenance

Think about all of the pipes, cables, wires, and other systems that exist in a normal house – this can be a lot of maintenance work in the long run, and for someone who has just purchased their first home, you might not have the money to fund ongoing maintenance.

This isn’t something you have to worry about too much with a tiny house – they require less maintenance than a traditional house.

For a tiny house in NZ that would be perfect as a first home, Absolute Tiny Houses has got you covered with our range of spacious and stylish tiny houses. Check out our collection of tiny houses via our website today, or get in touch with us to learn more about the design, build, and transportation process!

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