Off the Grid, On Your Terms: Embracing Freedom in Tiny Homes

living off in the grid

Are you keen to do your bit for the planet by living ‘off the grid’? We offer tiny homes that can help people become more self-sufficient, such as by generating their own electricity and collecting their own water. As a result, these properties can incur lower energy costs compared to standard homes.

Some days can prove better than others when it comes to the amount of energy you source at home. Simple tips include switching off plugs when they are not in use and being mindful of how often you use more power-hungry appliances — like hairdryers and washing machines.

However, we can design and build you a tiny home complete with features intended to assist you in switching to the following eco-friendly practices.

Composting Excrement 

The off-grid options we offer for a tiny home include a composting toilet — which, as you might have assumed, works by composting excrement.

Today, composting toilets very much look and function like regular toilets. One difference, though, is that composting toilets do not use water. Also, contrary to what you may have feared, they do not smell — as long as they are properly maintained. The toilet will need emptying, but only when it is full.

Filtering Grey Water

What is ‘grey water’? Grey water is wastewater that isn’t sewage. It includes water that has previously been used in the bath and sink. This water may include residuals such as dirt and hair — but can be filtered to make it suitable for use in the home again.

We would be happy to include a grey water filtration system as part of your tiny home.

Sourcing Electricity from Solar Panels 

You can trust us to install those panels on your tiny home’s roof. The panels will capture sunlight that is converted into electricity. Yes, once a solar power system is up and running in the home, it will be able to generate energy free of charge.

The off-grid inclusions we can integrate into tiny homes also include a water pump and tank as well as a small humus septic system. In customising the building’s design, we can enable you to live as self-sufficiently as you wish. For further details, please email [email protected].

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