Creative Tiny Home Design Ideas That Inspire

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At Absolute Tiny Houses, we offer a selection of beautifully designed tiny homes for sale in NZ, but even better than that, they can also be customised to your very own floor plan, at no extra cost! In fact, if you are looking into our tiny home floor plans, but unsure of the design that you want, we have got you covered.

Here are several creative tiny home design ideas to inspire you:

Built-In Storage/Hidden Storage

Storage is no doubt an important aspect to consider when it comes to a tiny house. We recommend incorporating built-in or hidden storage units, such as shelves, cabinets, and even pull-out drawers under beds and sofas. This is a great way to optimise your space without making it look and feel overly crowded.

Open Floor Plan

At Absolute Tiny Houses, we offer numerous floor plans for you to choose from, but this does not mean that your options are limited. As mentioned previously, you also have the opportunity to customise the floor plan as you see fit, and this includes opting for an open floor plan if you wish to.

An open floor plan is a great way to make your space look and feel bigger, even in a tiny home. This means that instead of separating the kitchen and living room, there does not need to be any walls between these areas.

Energy Efficiency

Minimise your carbon footprint with an energy efficient tiny home! Energy efficient appliances and other fixtures can be implemented into your tiny home design to help reduce carbon emissions and make your home more sustainable. This could include features like insulation, window treatments, and more. Additional features like energy efficient appliances are things that you will need to consider after the construction of your tiny home.

Absolute Tiny Houses and our tiny homes for sale in NZ offer high quality and premium builds that can be customised according to your style, preferences and budget. To view our collection of tiny homes, please visit our website today or get in touch with us to learn more about our floor plans and how you can customise your dream tiny home.

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