What is a tiny house? An Ultimate Guide for Small Homes

Allans Tiny House Background

A tiny house is what first springs to mind – a tiny home! In other words, a tiny house is a small home which includes a living area, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft. All rooms are contained within a few square metres. Tiny Houses tend to weigh anything between 3.5 and 5.5 tonnes.

With tiny homes generating their own electricity and capturing their own water they offer an affordable and environmentally friendly way of living. A tiny house build will usually take around 3 months, but if you choose one that is already built, you will not have to wait!

Why choose a tiny home?

Financial pressures are taking over more and more, making the idea of a tiny home more appealing. By choosing a tiny home you can say goodbye to utility bills and your mortgage whilst reducing your carbon footprint.


The most popular Tiny House size is 32.4 sqm. If you plan on living in your house for a long time, then30 square meters is the more practical and spacious choice of size for your tiny house.

Set floor plan

You don’t have to choose a set floor plan for your tiny home. However, you are welcome to choose one from pre-designed floor plans that are available, but you can customise your own floor plan if you wish to best suit your needs and desires.


Steel frames are used to build tiny homes because they are lighter and straighter than timber. For the exterior, cladding is played around with. Usually, a mix of corrugated iron and cedar panels is used to make your tiny house.

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