How to Find Land for your Off Grid Tiny Home

Off Grid Tiny Home
The wrong land will seriously impede or could even destroy your ability to live sustainably, grow your own
food, and build a resilient self-sufficient lifestyle. Buying land that is affordable and meets your needs is
absolutely crucial.
Finding the perfect property is the most difficult and most important part of this process. There are lots of
considerations and compromises you may need to m
ake. At its core, the perfect tiny home location needs
to check these boxes:
Off Grid Tiny Home
● Legal for off grid living (in regards to permits, building codes, zoning, etc.)
● Away from cities and urban areas (less restrictions and more freedom)
● Cost (don’t forget to take into account property taxes, mortgage payments, insurance, and other
● Ample resources for self sufficiency (soil, water, trees, open space)
● Proper bedrock for building structures and wastewater disposal such as a septic tank (don’t buy
land that is in a wetland or is susceptible to flooding)
● A natural water source (well, spring, creek, or river)
● The opportunity to harvest passive solar design (a house with windows orientated for maximum
solar gain)
● Year-round accessibility (roads, trails, driveways, etc.)
How much land do you need?
Tiny homes aren’t only cute and trendy; they are the most logical and efficient way to live off the grid.
They are less intrusive on the land, require less energy, need less water, and are easier to heat. Tiny homes
technically range from 60 to 500 square feet, but a small off grid house could go up to 1,000 to 1,500
square feet.
Your house obviously can be as large as you want, but it will require larger (and more expensive) electrical
and heating systems. While you still want to be comfortable, consider taking a minimalist approach to
your new lifestyle by getting rid of extra belongings and designing multi-functional spaces. Be sure to use
vertical space, clever storage techniques, convertible features, and a simple kitchen setup.

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