5 Reasons to Buy a Tiny Home in NZ for 2023

Tiny homes are a great investment for those into the minimalistic lifestyle, yet at the same time provide a unique level of luxury and an unrivalled level of comfort. And with many bespoke portable houses for sale, here are five reasons why you should consider investing in a tiny house in 2023.

1) Minimalist and hassle free

Offering a wide range of tiny homes in Auckland for sale, here at Absolute Tiny Houses we recognise that a messy house often leads to a stressful life – our tiny homes remedy this. Due to their minimalist nature, they don’t require the same level of upkeep as a regular home, making them perfect for those wanting a stress free life.

2) Lower electricity costs

An Auckland tiny house is not just aesthetic, but is also an efficient investment. Costing less to run than conventional houses, you can dramatically reduce your bills with a tiny home.

3) Tailored to you

Here at Absolute Tiny Houses, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke living spaces tailored specifically to our clients’ needs – whatever you want, we can do it, and at highly competitive price points.

4) More time outdoors

You may not be able to fit a home gym in your tiny home, but that’s the point – they get you outdoors and away from indulging in lazy activities such as watching the TV.

5) Practical

With a tiny home, you’ll realise what you really need in life. This means that you’ll be able to declutter and get rid of any unnecessary possessions, saving you that all important space so you can concentrate on what truly matters to you.

Here at Absolute Tiny Houses, we offer a range of affordable tiny homes that are truly the best on the market. Offering standard, luxury, and custom, tiny homes, we want to work with you so that you can truly live your best life. A tiny home provides not just comfort, but unrivalled levels of practicality to ensure your utmost happiness. For more information on the uniqueness of our competitively priced tiny homes, get in touch with us today.

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