Kitset Tiny Homes: Downsizing and Simplifying Your Life

Kitset Tiny Homes

A kitset home is a home that is mostly or entirely prefabricated and constructed offsite and then transported onsite. Tiny kitset homes come in many different shapes and formats, from small one-bedroom bungalows to bigger more diverse formats. So, what are the advantages of kitset homes when it comes to downsizing and simplifying your life?

Easy to re-locate 

What is extremely useful about kitset homes is that by remaining portable, kitset homes can be picked up and moved around wherever the owner wishes, making it easy to locate.

Extremely affordable 

There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of opting to live in kitset tiny homes as opposed to traditional homes is the affordability aspect. Kitset tiny homes start at as little as $45,990. When comparing this to traditional house prices in New Zealand, the savings are incredible.

Cheaper to run

In addition to the upfront cost being more affordable than traditional homes, tiny homes are less expensive to run in terms of water and power usage, so you will save vast amounts of money on your utility bills, creating a more affordable lifestyle where your money can be spent elsewhere on things that matter to you.


In some cases, people like to use kitset homes as alternative spaces for at-home offices, gyms, studio spaces or even a holiday home at a different location than their all-year-round home. This shows how diverse kitset homes can be.

Create a minimalistic life

More and more New Zealanders are realising that less is sometimes more when it comes to their lifestyle. Living in a smaller space will encourage you to take pride in the belongings you do have, opting for quality over quantity. You will no longer purchase clutter and unnecessary items because you simply will not have the space. In return, this will benefit the environment as well as your bank account.

Looking for tiny homes in NZ? Here at Absolute Tiny Houses, we have years of experience in the kitset house’s space to set you on the right track from start to finish. All our floor plans are completely customisable and you control every aspect of your new home. Get in touch with us today to see just how good an option kitset homes could be for you and your family.

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