How to turn your dream tiny home into a reality?

modern single-level tiny house

A tiny house offers you the chance to live with no mortgage, no utility bills, a vanishingly small carbon footprint, and a simpler life more connected to nature. If you’re thinking of having your very own tiny house built, then here are some steps to get started to turn your dream into a reality.

Write down your ideas

Starting off simply, it can be useful to take all of your exciting ideas out of your head and write them down on paper. Ideas such as your dream tiny home designs, interior features, off-grid needs etc. This will help you to make better sense of your vision, and move forward with the planning process.

Getaway and rent a Tiny House

If you’re unsure of the tiny house lifestyle or stuck on which design and floor plan may suit your needs, then renting a tiny house for the weekend may be a great option. By spending time directly inside a tiny house, new ideas may spark for your dream house. You will gain first-hand experience with the space and develop a better understanding of which ideas are realistic and which may need a re-think before the building begins

Feel free to stay at one of our customer’s tiny houses which is available on the Airbnb website:

Decide on your essentials

Tiny house living is more than just a housing choice, it’s a lifestyle change that may require some sacrifices. It is important that you start deciding which items, belongings and appliances are absolutely essential for your daily life, and then you can minimise the ones that aren’t. From there, you can plan the rest of your space around those must-haves. The trade-off of minimising and simplifying is well worth it for the unique benefits tiny house living offers you.

Speak with the professionals

At Absolute Tiny Houses, our team of professional tiny house builders are dedicated to bringing your tiny home vision to life. We understand that the first step is sometimes the hardest, especially if you are simply showing a new interest in tiny homes, but yet don’t know exactly what you are after. At Absolute Tiny Houses we are here to listen to your needs and would love to help you turn your dream tiny home into an Absolute reality.

If you are looking for a spacious modern single-level tiny house in NZ, then here at Absolute Tiny Houses, we are the number one choice. Thinking of creating a tiny house in NZ? Whether you have an exact vision of what your dream tiny house should look like or you just have a question, we are here to chat. We can create a custom floor plan for you for free. Contact us today to tell us your ideas and we will send you a free quote.

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