The Tiny House Movement in New Zealand: A Growing Trend

tiny home

The Tiny House movement has recently been gripping New Zealand as it grows in trend. All around New Zealand, more and more homeowners are leaning towards tiny houses as opposed to full-sized homes. This may be due to tiny houses being more affordable in terms of taxes, building, heating, maintenance, and repair costs.

In addition, the Tiny House Movement views tiny houses as a new way of living which encourages a less cluttered, and more minimalistic lifestyle. It also greatly limits environmental impacts.

Many Kiwis have been living in small spaces for as long as there have been people around, showing that tiny houses are not a new concept. Despite this,  in the last few years, the popularity of tiny houses in NZ has risen.

You’ll mostly find that people are drawn to the tiny house movement due to lifestyle choices. The movement is driven by values. This implies that Kiwis who invest in a tiny house are doing it so that they can curate a more simplified, less cluttered, less frantic pace of life.

The Tiny House Movement provides smaller spaces which on average produce two-thirds less energy than your standard home. This means that many people who care about the environment are now turning to tiny house options.

On top of this, many tiny house owners decide to fit solar panels, wind turbines and dry composting toilets in their tiny houses. This level of energy efficiency, cost savings, and reduction of your personal carbon footprint can simply not be achieved when owning a standard-sized house.

Tiny houses offer a cheaper house alternative, as well as a beautiful more simplistic space. The Tiny House Movement continues to grow momentum across NZ and will continue to grow further as people turn to look for more affordable ways of living and more sustainable eco-friendly ways of living.

Here at Absolute Tiny Houses, we are New Zealand-born and bred and we’ve been in the tiny house-building game for years. We have adopted the tiny house NZ way of life and adapted our building techniques to suit uniquely NZ conditions. Trust the people who live and breathe tiny houses and get on board with the Tiny House NZ movement today. Contact us now.

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