Tiny Havens, Big Adventures: Unlocking the Charm of Tiny Houses as Holiday Rentals

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Tiny houses are all the rage nowadays. They are compact and cost-effective, not to mention environmentally friendly and sustainable. As such, buying a tiny house in NZ and using it for a holiday let is a shrewd and sensible move—especially as many people prefer off-grid holidays in remote locations nowadays.

What are the Benefits of a Tiny House Holiday Let?

A tiny house is relatively cheap to purchase and design, especially when compared to other kinds of holiday lets.  Furthermore, a tiny house is normally on wheels, meaning that if you place it in a location that falls out of favor with tourists then you can simply move it.

Tiny houses are very often powered with sustainable energy, meaning energy bills are persistently low.

What Do Tiny House Look like?

Tiny houses are very small houses that are normally decorated in a minimalist style. They are designed in a way that maximises space to make sure they don’t seem claustrophobic or too small.

Many tiny houses are on wheels, meaning they can be easily moved. They are also often powered off-grid.

Why Do Holidaymakers Like Tiny Houses?

There is a real penchant nowadays for having holidays that are sustainable, unique and relaxing.

Tiny houses are normally very sustainable, as they are usually built using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials and are designed to minimise waste. They are often powered off-grid, using solar power, hydropower, wind power, or similar. Their small size also means they need less energy to heat and less material to build. As such, they offer an ideal holiday for the eco-friendly holidaymaker.

Tiny houses are also unique and relaxing, as they offer a secluded getaway in a unique location, and are often ideal for people who want to get away from it all and spend time with nature. They are also quite photogenic, making them perfect for people who like to post pictures of their holiday on social media.

Are Tiny Homes a Good Investment?

Tiny homes are increasing in popularity, year on year. This means that there are plenty of people searching to holiday in a tiny home and looking forward to renting one.

A tiny house can be a cheaper investment than other kinds of holiday lets, which means that you won’t have to wait as long to make back your investment.

A tiny house in NZ requires far less maintenance from your side. There aren’t the rooms to clean, and the renewable energy that is used to give it power will keep your bills down.

If you would like to know more about owning a tiny house in NZ  please get in touch via email. [email protected].We can give you some of the best tiny houses available.

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