3 Types of Tiny Homes & the Benefits

Tiny home

A tiny house is just what you would imagine – a small home with a living area, kitchen and bathroom, all contained within a handful of square metres. Absolute Tiny Houses strives to build beautiful, spacious and affordable Tiny houses for everyone who dreams about an independent free life. As the world becomes increasingly complex and financial pressures take over every part of life, more and more people are flocking to the Tiny House Movement. Let’s explore three different types of tiny houses we have on offer, and what the main benefits of each are.

1) Weather Tight Shell

Priced between $45,990 – $49,990, Absolute Tiny Houses’ Weather Tight Shells are a perfect DIY option for those wanting a blank canvas to complete their dream tiny home. These shells provide a solid start to create your perfect floor plan and interior customisations that suit your own personal tastes. They feature a professionally finished exterior which includes the completed Subfloor, Framing, House Wrap, Cladding, Windows and Roofing. The true advantage of choosing a Weather Tight Shell is not just the affordability, but also the opportunity it offers to personalise and transform the interior into your dream home.

2) Standard Tiny House

Priced between $77,990 – $109,990, the Standard Tiny House is the most popular choice for a reason. It offers set floor plans with a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen and a fully equipped bathroom. Abundant lighting adds to its cosy, inviting feel. This Tiny Home is ideal for those content with high-quality pre-designed, cost-effective and functional living spaces. If you’re seeking full customisation for your dream home, our upcoming Custom model has you covered.

3) Custom Tiny House

Starting from $217,990, our luxurious Custom Tiny House is customisable to your personal taste to meet any desires you have for your dream tiny home. From floor plans to lighting to window layout and even tiling, you can customise your tiny home in any way you like, there are no rules! Without a doubt, the largest benefit of choosing a custom tiny home is the freedom to create the home of your absolute dreams.

If you are looking for tiny homes for sale in NZ, then here at Absolute Tiny Houses we are the number one choice. We have several tiny houses on the market. At Absolute Tiny Houses we focus on quality over quantity. We are an enthusiastic team that loves creating high-quality houses and we take great pride in all our work. Get in touch today.

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